Incident Recording Information System
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Training Programme :  

  1. Train users to use the data entry application for the recording of incidents.
    • How to access the website
    • How to log on
    • Adding a new incident
    • Editing an existing incident (e.g. adding lost hours)
    • Adding Hours Worked for a month
  2. Explain reports, how to use and difference between Browser, Excel and Word formats.
    • Load each report systematically, using the criteria to specify by date range, activity, region where applicable
  3. Examine users’ current systems with view to formulating the best method of creating an export text file which can upload directly into IRIS. This will determine the type and amount of work required to create the export file.
    • Show users a completed CSV file and explain each field and where it is derived from
    • Demonstrate the uploading of a working text file into the “Master” company
    • Show users a completed CSV file, which has errors.
    • Demonstrate the uploading of the CSV file with errors and explain the error messages demonstrated on the upload page
    • Show users how to change their regional settings so that comma-delimited files use the vertical stroke as a delimiter and not a comma
  4. Show users how to connect to views (virtual tables) using ODBC/OLEDB connections. This will require that the IP address of the IRIS application is given permission to pass through firewalls.
    • If using Excel, then users will be shown how to get external data through the Data command
    • If using Access, then users will be shown how to link tables
  5. Gather information on what type of other reports are required to be developed to be reported back to the IRIS sub-committee.
    • What other type of analysis reports are required by companies?

*** Companies need to ensure that a computer with access to the Internet is available for training


  • Actual training is covered in the monthly maintenance contract however companies wanting training will be required to pay for airfares and accommodation (if the training extends beyond one day or there is no same-day return flight). Where the company is located within acceptable driving distance, then the number of kilometers traveled will be charged to the company at 40c per kilometer.

Notice of Training:

A minimum of two week’s notice is required however, as with any business, the longer the period of notice then the easier it is to arrange things such as cheaper air-fares etc